Whether you own a home, a whole apartment complex, or are the manager responsible for maintaining someone else’s building, it takes a lot of thought, action, and money to maintain the beauty and integrity of the complex. From professional landscaping and a well-paved driveway to a stunning rooftop, your property’s curb appeal matters. Here’s how a power washing service can help you maintain the value of your property:


Minimizes repairs.


As dirt, grime, leaves, and branches build up on the sides and roof of your home or the apartment complex you own or manage, they trap moisture that can lead to mildew and mold. Regularly scheduling power washing services not only improves the look of your building, but helps prevent rot and disintegration. A good power washing service will clean the gutters and under the eaves, thus eliminating biodegradable contaminants that can lead to much more expensive long term repairs.


Increases income.


The simple act of scheduling power washing services every 6 months can actually increase your income. Whether you own a commercial office building or an apartment complex, it is a fact that people will pay higher rents if they feel a building is properly maintained. A clean roof, walls, windows, and parking area contribute to an overall feeling of pride, especially when compared with other buildings in the area that don’t have a maintenance program.


Works on numerous surfaces.


Whether you’re preparing your building for new painting, looking to remove grease or oil from your parking lot, or wanting to eliminate any hard water deposits, mold, or moss on your property, power washing is an effective solution. Further, it can help you clean and maintain the integrity of your property’s walkway, patio, deck, driveway, fence, and even any heavy equipment!


Avoids city fines.


Some cities incorporate fines for property owners who do not remove graffiti in a timely fashion. Ann Arbor, Michigan is so fed up with graffiti that it has started to issue citations against businesses who do not keep their buildings graffiti-free. Budget problems have caused a decrease in the police force, thrusting the problem onto the backs of the business owners. In an Ann Arbor News article, City Administrator shared that “The city did devote resources to the graffiti eradication.” He said that all stopped when police had their hands full just dealing with crime. Area business owner Rob Cleveland says he is doing his best to keep up with the taggers. “It’s harder to do business when you look like you’re doing business out of a crack house,” he said.


Adds value.


A building that is sparkling from fresh power washing services is more professional looking and attractive to visitors who may be looking at doing business with you. A building that is clean on both the outside and the inside presents an aura of success that is much the same as positive body language. A filthy building covered in debris conveys a message of apathy and failure.


Increases sales price.


If it’s time to sell your building, it is definitely time for professional pressure washing services. With a number of commercial buildings available in your community, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. No matter what neighborhood your building is in, it will benefit from a good pressure washing. If it’s in a high-end neighborhood, it needs to look at least as good as the homes and other residential properties around you. If your building is in a lower income area, a good washing will make it shine like a jewel compared to the other local structures.


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