Yesterday in Airtek’s blog we talked about indoor air quality in commercial buildings and how mold can affect not only the air quality in a building but also the health of employees. A recent news broke out that several state workers are suing the California Board of Equalization for $75 million for not providing a safe workplace for years and exposing employees to health hazards.

The suit alleges state officials fraudently concealed the existence of hazardous substances while employees were working the building. The suit alleges that employees were exposed to toxic mold and other substances like toxic chemicals. In addition, mold problems were a big concern dating from the 1990’s. In 1995, there was serious visible water damage causing mold growth. Afterwards in the beginning of 2000 until this year, concerns of finding mold in the building increased.

The building became a “sick building” because mold growth was finding in different areas of the building. Employees in the year 2008 were concerned that mold was not entirely removed and it was concealed to appear that the mold was removed.According to the plaintiff’s as well is that mold was also found in the ducts. Throughout those years many employees had symptoms that people have when exposed to mold.The plaintiff states that “Mold exists throughout the Headquarters Building and is causing employees to be ill and management is aware of this.”

The building has had a long history of defects and many repairs have been done to the building. Many of those repairs include replacing exterior glass, corroded plumbing lines and duct work has also been done.We will keep you updated with the lawsuit but to read more information visit ieconnections for further details on this case.

If there is mold and you know about it and it is covered up and can cost you millions.No employee should work in conditions where mold exists and where the working environment is uncomfortable for them. Listen to the concerns that employees have to avoid serious problems.

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