How would you feel if your neighbor had bed bugs and didn’t do anything about it and the bed bugs are now in your home? Maybe a little frustrated. I came upon a video about a couple who had a bed bug dilemma and had to bag all their clothes inside bags. They contacted the neighbors landlord, the city and other agencies to help him get rid of the bed bugs and the bed bug infestation got worse. The bed bugs moved to four houses and now those houses are infested with bed bugs. That causes a bed bug dilemma and makes you try to find every way possible to get rid of those annoying bed bugs.

One thing you should not do is treat bed bugs yourself. Fumigating your home with a fogger or a bug bomb will make things worse. Those methods will make the bed bugs spread and then spread to your neighbors house.Three ways that you can help yourself and your neighbor with the bed bug dilemma is:

  • If your neighbor has bed bugs politely talk to them about the situation. Many people think that bed bugs are only found in dirty homes but in reality bed bugs can be found inside homes or commercial buildings that are kept either dirty or clean.
  • If you speak with your neighbor about the problem let them feel at ease. The bed bug infestation is very common.
  • Give them a suggestion to different alternatives and advise them that calling a professional is essential because they know how to deal with it and know the best method to get rid of bed bugs.

At Alliance Environmental Group,Inc the company’s “Team Heat” division utilizes one of the most successful methods to get rid of bed bugs and that is using heat. This method eases from individuals having to get rid of many of their belongings. This process is an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly process to get rid of bed bugs. One of the greatest benefits from using heat to kill bed bugs is that it increases the value of your environment making it a healthier environment to live in. Whether you, your neighbor or the business you operate have a bed bug dilemma, Alliance can assist you and answer any concerns or questions you may have that has to do with bed bugs. Contact Us to get you started in getting rid of those annoying bed bugs.