With Chicago newly named the #1 US City for Bed Bugs in 2012 and Omaha, Nebraska moving up 11 points (from #28 to #17), clearly the challenges of bed bug infestations continue all over the country.

Los Angeles moved up two places to #3.

The Bay Area moved down two places to #14.

We are doing our best to combat the bed bug menace, but part of the difficulty is that people in charge of apartment buildings and other facilities which house large numbers of people do not take the problem seriously. There are even situations where landlords have stayed in denial until the misery has gone on for months!

But Adelphi University in Garden City, New York is taking a proactive stance on bed bugs, with a web page listing helpful do’s and don’ts, as well as many Frequently Asked Questions about bed bugs and a quiz to test your knowledge about the pesky pests.

Adelphi’s advice?

“Do …

  • Consider buying a mattress encasement
  • Wash and dry your clothes regularly
  • Clean your room regularly
  • Learn how to identify bed bugs
  • Report a bed bug problem if you think you have them
  • If you are traveling and staying is a hotel, check your mattress and furniture for beds bugs before you settle in.

Don’t …

  • Ignore bed bugs
  • Treat bed bugs on your own
  • Sleep on someone else’s bed or in someone else’s room if you believe they have bed bugs
  • Visit your family until your treatment is complete
  • Pick up furniture from trash and bring it back to your room to use as furniture or decoration
  • Throw away all your belongings if you have bed bugs. Your belongings can be saved if treated by a professional”

There’s a lot of good advice for all of us, no matter where we live and we could not agree more! If you suspect a bed bug infestation, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. The second worst: trying to kill them yourself with home remedies or sprays you see on TV. Those sprays will kill bed bugs on contact, but most of the bed bugs in your dorm room will be hiding in cracks and crevices where those sprays cannot reach.

The best treatment for bed bugs is high heat, which kills bed bugs at all stages of development wherever they are lurking. Our service area may not include Garden City, New York, but anywhere in California we are ready to treat your bed bug infestation with safe, clean and quick ThermaPureHeat!

Take Adelphi University’s Bed Bug Quiz to see how you measure up to the college kids!

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