For many bed bugs have been the bane of their existence. It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week from June 1 to June 7. As we approach Summer, we are faced with an increase in the number of bed bug cases affecting hotels and homes across California and surrounding states. These ghastly pests are a nuisance and create harm for homeowners and businesses alike as their movement is not just restricted to mattresses and headboards as well as outline coverings and base sets but also carried through items of clothing and luggage especially during travel during the holidays and vacation periods.

Whilst they are several methods to kill bed bugs, Alliance Environmental Group’s Team heat division, offers a chemical-free solution as the preferred method to eradicate and kill bed bugs. This procedure is far more effective than chemical fumigation as bed bugs cannot adapt to heat. Our crews use Thermapure Heat to treat small and large bed bug problems thus eliminating any infestation. The heat treatment used destroys the bed bugs and their eggs thus ensuring a safe and bed bug-free environment for our clients. Contact our Team Heat division today for a free estimate and to have the peace of mind that your property can be eradicated of any bed bug problems.


A subsidiary of Alliance Environmental Group, AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, had the great distinction of recently appearing on a prime-time TV segment on CBS8. Our services director at AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, Khris Norris, was contacted and featured in a segment relating to how the transmission of HVAC droplets could be passed via the HVAC system at a business facility or residential dwelling.

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This became a serious topic of consideration, after a CDC article was published highlighting an incident in January at a restaurant in Wuhan China. At the restaurant there was a case of exposure as guests that were dining in may have possibly contracted the Covid-19 coronavirus as they were seated close to the HVAC ducts in the facility. AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, a leader in HVAC cleaning and maintenance, has a specialist team of trained technicians that are fully trained and licensed to complete any HVAC cleaning and disinfecting, having successfully completed over 95,000 air duct cleaning jobs.


Our biohazard crews have been hard at work cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting facilities, offices, buildings and businesses over the last few weeks. The benefit of using a professional disinfectant company as opposed to standard janitorial cleaning is that we abide by strict protocols and measures and implement standard operating procedures.

  • We are compliant with CDC, Department of Health Services, OSHA and existing regulatory agencies
  • Our employees go through a thorough training process to ensure proper cleaning procedures and techniques are met
  • We are licensed and certified to handle biohazardous waste and removal
  • Professional-grade, EPA-approved products are used to clean your business, warehouse, retail store, manufacturing plant, building, office or facility using an airless sprayer where appropriate and microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Our teams use proper PPE on the job site

On site, we establish a clear zone, a transition zone and an operating zone. This is very important for infection/contamination control. This includes a wash station for decontamination.


One of the companies under the Alliance Environmental Group umbrella, Mintie, LLC, the global provider of indoor environmental solutions, was featured on a leading Japanese News station, Asahi Shimbun. The Mintie Environmental Containment Unit 4, (ECU4), mass isolation system was designed and developed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and deadly airborne pathogens. The ECU4 is designed for fast, easy set-up and can be readily expanded or subdivided.

Due to the unique capabilities, these mobile containment units were deployed to a hospital in Japan and utilized to contain the spread of Covid-19 through maintaining negative air pressure in a dedicated ward.

The Mintie ECU4 provides temporary in response to a surge of patients, or an escalation – and can scale rapidly to accommodate large numbers of people or cover large areas including a hospital floor or wing. Invariably, the ECU4 is assisting towards stopping the spread and saving lives during this crisis.

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During this current pandemic, we have created an initiative that can bring a sense of joy and appreciation, whilst profiling how a company such as ours is making a difference and impacting those on the frontlines. In the midst of this uncertain day and age, we acknowledged the tireless and fearless efforts of those first responders and health care workers that are striving so hard to keep us safe.

Alliance Environmental Group embarked on a charitable event titled, Food for The Frontlines, and provided scores of food and groceries to nurses and medical workers across two healthcare institutes in Orange County viz. Fountain Valley Medical Center and Garden Grove Hospital. This first leg was a resounding success and was followed by the next stop of our campaign which entailed a donation at the UC San Diego Hillcrest Medical Center. Once more our benevolent employees graciously distributed food packages to 100 healthcare and medical workers.

We look forward to continuing to provide these acts of gratitude across other regions in California, most notably Los Angeles, Ventura, San Jose and Santa Cruz. If you would like to be a part of this noble cause contact us on After all we are all in this together.


We pride ourselves in going the extra mile and exceeding our client’s expectations. Below is a glowing review from John. S in Simi Valley, that illustrates the exceptional effort that Alliance Environmental Groups provides.

“AAA put me in contact with Alex from Alliance and the experience was excellent! Alex was very responsive and helped me to understand the process for abating my home. We had a large slab leak that unfortunately damaged all of the floors, kitchen cabinets and walls and once Alex’s team arrived they made quick and effective work of removing everything while also addressing the asbestos that was in the flooring and walls as well. Alex checked in personally and daily on the phone to ensure that his team were meeting my expectations and circled back once everything was complete to be certain I was satisfied with the work completed. Thank you, Alex and Alliance! Great job and I would highly recommend them for any of your environmental needs.”