June is National Safety Month. There couldn’t be a more critical time for our communities, employees, and society as a whole to be safe. California has officially reopened, and in some instances, it would be 15 months since businesses have started operation once again.

In this issue of our newsletter, our focus is on employees safely returning to the office. Asbestos and mold are two serious environmental concerns that could affect employee’s health and welfare. The next topic we address is the need to stop the spread of Covid in hospitals. Even though California has seen a tremendous decline, some states in the U.S. and internationally are experiencing surges. Following that, we look at what property managers, employers, and facility managers could do to improve the situation. June is also National Homeownership month, and we look at home improvement from an indoor air quality perspective and how this can assist when you are buying or selling your home. The Mintie Corporation was recently acknowledged through the efforts of a gracious donation to a hospital in need. We take a closer look at this philanthropic effort. To end with, we focus on the need for healthcare facilities and medical office buildings to have fire dampers surveyed and inspected. Fires are always a concern, and in facilities exposed to gases and chemicals, these are more prevalent.

On a final note, we would like to wish all dads a very Happy Father’s Day. Since people are traveling and returning close to their pre-pandemic lives, we can enjoy the weekend with loved ones once again.

Safely Reopening the Office without any Asbestos and Mold Concerns


There are scores of lessons we have learned from this pandemic. One lesson, in particular, emphasized what we already knew. If the environments you spend most of your time in are not safe, you are not safe. Work can be stressful enough; having to go to work, fearing your health is at risk is not a stress anyone should bear. Asbestos and mold in workplaces contribute to that fear. Known or unknown, both are threats to employees and their wellbeing. The safety of employees should be any facility or property manager’s priority. They should be creating a safe and comfortable place to work.

Renovations and repairs are the most common ways asbestos is released into the air. If your facility plans on renovating or performing repairs, it would be an excellent time to start before allowing employees to return. Starting now would give you the chance to test for both asbestos and take the proper precautions to keep everyone safe.

If your office was closed for a significant amount of time because of the pandemic, a walk-through should be performed to ensure no leaks or signs of moisture that could indicate mold growth. Like all other fixes, taking care of mold should happen before employees return to the workplace to lessen downtime. If employees are back in the office, then it should be taken care of as soon as possible to reduce exposure.

Don’t put your employees in danger when you know there is asbestos present or mold growing. Your employees will not want to return to work if they know their health is at risk. Show them you care by getting the building tested for asbestos and checked for mold before their return or beginning of a renovation project or repair.

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Stopping the Spread of Covid 19 with an Environmental Containment Unit


After the year we have had, going to the hospital still feels like a daunting place. Hospitals have been at the forefront of this pandemic and, under much scrutiny to be one of the most sterile places to visit. The pandemic shifted the way hospitals handle the spread of infectious diseases because as clean as hospitals are, it is difficult to contain airborne pathogens without proper equipment.

Here is where Mintie’s ECU4 comes in. The ECU4 is Mintie’s next-generation environmental containment unit made to perform multiple tasks. In protecting patients and medical staff alike, the ECU4 can be set up to provide a temporary total isolation room, combined to create a larger space, or set up as an anteroom to lessen the risk of infection. To elevate its function even further, the ECU4 can be paired with an external negative air machine to provide air filtration, dust collection, and additional infection control. Its simple yet advanced design makes it user-friendly from set up to teardown. These ECU4s are portable and can be set up virtually anywhere. Didn’t set it up in the right location? No problem, the ECU4 has wheels for you to reposition it and station it where it needs to be.

The cases in the U.S. are continuing to decline, but unfortunately, that is not the case in other countries. Mintie’s ECU4s is available WORLDWIDE. With ECU4s in your hospital, you have a greater chance of stopping the spread. The ECU4 has so many functions that it greatly returns on investment, especially during today’s public health emergency. The ECU4 is patented and has been clinically evaluated and rigorously tested for efficacy of particle containment, ventilation, and stability in healthcare environments for ICRA containment requirement levels 1-4.

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Clean Your Ducts Before Buying or Selling a House


Before putting your home on the market, you want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape to look the most desirable for the best offer. Many people do yard work and make minor improvements all over the house. An area that is often overlooked, however, is the air ducts. The air duct system is the lungs of a building. Accumulated dust and debris can linger on the lining and break off every time the system is used.

By getting a professional air duct cleaning before selling your home, you can increase the efficiency of the duct system. People sensitive to dust and pollen may view an air duct cleaning as a great selling point, and showing them how well the house was taken care of before their purchase is beneficial. If you have done any construction or remodeling, an air duct cleaning can help flush the system of any contaminants from sawdust or other raw materials. If you had a pet and the new potential buyers are allergic, thorough cleaning of the duct system can clean the pet dander lingering in the ducting.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a professional air duct cleaning is strongly recommended to improve indoor air quality and keep your home environment healthy and comfortable. For a free quote on air duct cleaning in your home by a NADCA professional, call Airtek Indoor Air Solutions at 1-844-798-0061 or Request a Quote today.

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Making a Difference to a Hospital in a Time of Need


A distributor of the Mintie ECU4, Spykor Environmental, recently provided a much-needed mobile containment unit to Schuyler Hospital in New York state. The Environmental Containment Unit (ECU4) was donated by the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Local 277 to the hospital.

During the pandemic, the benefit of this portable dust containment unit could not come at a more crucial time. The ECU4 can assist the hospital with any renovation work required on-site at the facility.

When paired with a HEPA-filtered negative air machine, the portable containment unit will safely contain airborne contaminants and facilitate containment projects easier while meeting all of the required codes and standards every time for all types of construction jobs.

The Local 277 Carpenter’s Union believes in giving back and ensuring that patients are a priority when patient safety is tested daily due to the devastating impact that Covid-19 is having across hospitals.

“We selected Schuyler hospital to donate a full containment unit that maintenance and facility can use to protect patients while they are in the hospital if they have to do in-house maintenance work,” said Fred Swayze, Council Representative Local 277 Carpenter’s Union.

The healthcare workers at Schuyler Hospital and Schuyler Health are sincerely appreciative of this gift and grateful for the ongoing support from the Carpenter’s Union.

“This donation from the Carpenter’s union is amazing! It really showcases the community support we’ve received over the last year and before then. This is so necessary and a wonderfully generous gift,” said Tiffany Bloss, Director of Schuyler Health.

Fire Damper Survey and Inspections for Healthcare Facilities


Fire dampers are an essential part of all healthcare facilities and medical centers. They are unseen and perform a simple task BUT serve an integral function if there is a fire. Fire dampers, located in air ducts and HVAC systems, close when a fire causes the average temperature of a room to rise to about 165°F or higher to prevent the spread of a fire. Depending on how many fire dampers are in your facility, getting them inspected and tested is a quick and easy checkmark on your fire preparedness to-do list.

The technicians and crew members at Coast IAQ and Life Safety Services recently conducted a speedy 4-hour job. Our team tested 13 fire dampers in the basement of a leading medical center in Santa Monica. This job was performed from 8 PM-12 AM.

Our team followed strict protocols to make sure everything ran safely and smoothly. Before beginning their testing, they set up their cube – a compact containment room that prevents dust particles from spreading through the area where our team is working. They contained their workspace to keep their cleanup and packing to a minimum. They contained their site to not interfere with the norm of the facility. Our team provided the medical center with a detailed report with pictures to show what exactly was done following the servicing.

As part of the Coast difference, the team aims to be transparent with our customers because we are servicing features and functions that help create a safe space for those in need.

Is the task of testing your facility’s fire dampers still lingering on your to-do list? Coast IAQ & Life Safety Services will work with you to get it done. Call Coast on 844-439-0230 today.

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Striving to Ensure Total Client Satisfaction

By Yue. M

The team that arrived was professional and communicated with us to keep us comfortable during the asbestos abatement process. They knew what they were doing, and did what they need to do in an efficient manner. I would recommend Manuel and his team to anyone.