Lead paint is injurious to one’s health. It can cause nervous system damage, stunted growth, kidney damage, and delayed development. Children are at high risk to lead poisoning especially those residing on old, neglected and dilapidated buildings.

Even though, the United States’ (CPSC) banned lead paint in 1977 in residential properties and public buildings, along with toys and furniture containing lead paint, the threat for lead paint exposure is an ongoing worry and concern.

It is dangerous to children because it mimics a sweet taste, which is similar to the taste derived when eating candy. This sensation encourages children to put lead chips and toys with lead dust in their mouths.

Property owners have a responsibility to their tenants. Landlords need to provide documented disclosure to existing and prospective tenants detailing the locations of confirmed lead-based paint on the property. The Residential Lead-Based Hazard Reduction Act (AKA the “Lead Paint Act”) was created in order to ensure that the disclosure of any lead-based hazards in a building be discussed with potential buyers or renters of units.

Alliance Environmental Group have completed over 6,000 successful lead paint removal jobs and are certified lead abatement contractors. Get an estimate for the safe and lawful removal of lead paint.


Damage caused by water and fire can be traumatic. Natural disasters are an occurrence that can be planned for, but you’re never fully prepared. The first step is to call your insurance company and open a claim. If an asbestos or microbial disturbance has occurred, your personal property has been contaminated. Alliance Environmental Group can assist by providing your insurance company a prompt, detailed total loss inventory list including photo documentation.

This compilation of inventory is a comprehensive list of the contaminated items in your home. During a claim, the homeowner is to organize a list of their property, however, in the event of a contamination, a non-certified person who lacks proper safety training can be put in extreme danger. Initial testing of the property will be done to confirm the presence of hazardous materials. Hiring a 3rd party professional ensures the inventory list is generated in a timely manner: the faster the list is compiled, the sooner you can replace your belongings and return to everyday life.

At Alliance Environmental Group, our total loss inventory division project manager, Kathy Olivas, is an expert at creating inventory lists. inventory is excruciatingly detailed to provide the most accurate information for fair reimbursement. Alliance Environmental Group is only responsible for creating the inventory list for the contaminated items that will be disposed. The key is to document what items will need to be reimbursed by the insurance company. Therefore, salvageable items will not be documented. Our crews are trained to clean the salvageable items and put them aside in a safe area. They are disciplined to only include the items that have been contaminated to such a degree that it cannot be cleaned or it isn’t cost effective to clean.

In the unfortunate event of a loss, it is important to remain calm. Professional companies, such as Alliance Environmental Group, are happy to help piece everything together again. For further questions on the contents division at Alliance, please call (877) 858-6220 today.



Covid-19 has impacted our lives in more ways than one. Our economy has been devastated. The lifeblood of the economy, the businesses and companies are now forced to adjust their means of operation. Businesses that experienced extended closures were at risk of possible contamination or needing to ensure all precautions were taken so that customers and employees upon returning to work are safe and not exposed to any possible transmission of Covid-19. It is crucial that proper cleaning materials and methods are used by companies that follow CDC guidelines and have crew members using the right PPE. We follow a step by step process by implementing standard operating procedures and making sure that best practices are followed, placing our clients and employee’s health and safety as our top priority.

Our biohazard teams have been hard at work across the various counties and regions that we service to effect cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Businesses across multiples industries including offices, senior housing and nursing homes, places of worship, government buildings, casinos, theme parks, movie theaters, airports, shopping centers, stadiums, hospitals, apartments, restaurants as well as gymnasiums and fitness centers.

If your business is requiring of Covid-19 professional cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and decontamination, contact us.



It is that time of the year again and with sweltering temperatures outside, the air conditioning system is going to be heavily utilized. Air conditioners are an appliance and as is the case with any appliance, for optimal use and efficiency requires maintenance.

Airduct cleaning for any property is needed to ensure the longer lasting operation of a HVAC system. Air ducts are often exposed to contaminants. If not maintained on a regular basis, these areas are the breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Debris, pollutants and allergens can become trapped in these areas. The performance of an HVAC system can be further compromised by possible rodent infestations. If rodents are present, they could produce fecal spores which further contaminates the quality of the air when circulated. The damage to Indoor air quality can be further exacerbated as there may be higher grid of energy needing to be used if ducts are extremely dirty, which will also result in increased energy bills.

AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, the Commercial HVAC professionals, offers a professional air duct cleaning service to ensure that the air flow is kept free clear of contaminants and the property HVAC system is working in an efficient and proper manner.


“Incredible service from Jeremie Mcphail and Alliance Environmental. Jeremie came out to evaluate our “mold infestation” and coordinated the project. Instead of it being a frightening experience, he made sure we understood the process, helped us navigate and understand the “what ifs” and what to expect each step along the way. His estimate was literally 2/3 of what our contractor’s “guy” wanted to charge us, and there were no hidden costs. The remediation was completed quickly and completely, and we were able to resume our remodeling process within a week of contacting Alliance. Jeremie stayed closely in touch during the project and was available to help and guide us every step of the way. I can’t recommend him or Alliance highly enough.”

Jane. J, Los Angeles, CA