Brushfire Smoke Causes Dirty and Clogged Air Ducts

Over the last week, as temperatures have soared to dangerously high levels, we have experienced the devastation of the Apple fire in Riverside county where 8,000 people had to be evacuated as well as the brushfires that broke out in Santa Clarita, the Hollywood Hills and in the National Forest Park in Azusa. The wildfire smoke is especially concerning to those residents that suffer from respiratory and breathing problems and the debris and pollutants from the smog is extremely dangerous and may be critical to those that have compromised immune systems.

The pollutants from the smoke can clog an air conditioning system and this could result in systems not fully functioning at capacity as well as very poor-quality air circulation. Given these recent events, this further amplifies the need for proper and professional air duct cleaning.  AirTek Indoor Air Solutions are experts at this service and always ensure that our technicians follow the proper contactless, professional, and safe methods to address your air duct cleaning needs.

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Reducing the Risk of Covid-19 at Your Business Location

So many uncertainties still exist as we continue to monitor and respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses that can operate continue to do so, while others prepare for another opportunity to reopen. There has been a lot of discussion about airborne transmission of the virus and the role indoor air environments play in potentially spreading it. Remaining proactive with cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting indoor environments is essential to ensuring the cleanest and safest conditions for your employees and customers.

In a recent article published by Seyfarth Law LLP, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, passed a “Healthy Buildings Ordinance” that addresses the need for further crisis contingency protocol and guidelines to establish cleaning and disease prevention standards at tourist hotels and large commercial office buildings.

To elaborate on this, there has never been a greater need for facilities and businesses to address these concerns. Alliance Environmental’s biohazard division offers a thorough, four-step protocol to cleaning and sanitizing your workplace or place of business. We use Prokure V, a hospital-grade disinfectant listed by the EPA as effective in combating SARS-CoV2, the virus responsible Covid-19. We are also compliant with CDC, Department of Health Services, OSHA, and existing regulatory agencies.

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Build Up of Mold Can Be Detrimental to One’s Health

Mold has been a recurring issue that has plagued us for many years. Mold in buildings, commercial facilities and in homes typically occurs when there is insufficient ventilation and moisture build up that may have resulted from prior water damage that had not been detected over a duration of time. The reason as to why this could lead to possible mold contamination from a moisture build up are because of leaky roofs or pipes, flooding or water damage, humidity, insufficient maintenance, or no ventilation from working appliances.

Whilst they are various types of mold, all types of mold have the possibility of being hazardous to one’s health because of the allergens that can bring on allergic reactions and exacerbate asthma attacks. Alliance Environmental crews develop a customized mold remediation plan for each contaminated site. Our Team Heat technicians use a chemical-free heat treatment to kill mold in commercial, industrial, and residential structures. Contact us for a free quote today and let us assist in removing mold and returning your property back to a safe and sanitary condition.

Infection Control at Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

As more and more cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak emerge, hospitals are at the center of infection outbreaks. Dangerous germs within healthcare facilities are prevalent due to the lack of proper PPE including gloves and gowns. Officials within LA County, have warned of an increase in the occurrence of a potentially lethal fungus in LA County healthcare facilities. There has also been an increase in reports of this fungus, known as Candida Auris, in Orange County. This fungus is perceived as being even more hazardous and detrimental to one’s health because antifungal medications are often ineffective against it. The fungus can live on surfaces for several weeks and can spread in hospitals, healthcare institutes and nursing homes through contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces and equipment.

Mintie, LLC. a leader in safer, cleaner, and better air quality has a mobile modular containment anteroom along with other related products that can contain airborne particulates from establishing a buildup of germs. The physical room or area isolation of the ECU4 anteroom through the application of the corridor flange as well as the pressure and filtration system from the negative air machine offers a solution for preventing the spread of viral pathogens. The introduction of the hepa filtration from the negative air circulating within the unit and the structure of the unit itself, is ideal for mass isolation and infection control. By creating a mobile containment by using an ECU4 and negative air machine, hospitals and healthcare facilities’ doctors, nurses and medical workers can be better prepared and safe in stopping the spread of this fungus.


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