Attic Insulation Replacement and Removal

Attic insulation may fall into an “out of sight, out of mind” category to most, but new installation may fix some of the other things you notice such as rodent infestation, mold, lingering odors, temperature fluctuations, higher utility bills, or maybe even a leaky roof.

Our Team Heat division can safely remove old insulation and install new insulation in your attic using an eco-friendly material that will improve performance and help resist the flow of heat from the sun to your roof through your attic and into the interior spaces. It also helps prevent the escape of heat in cold weather. There is also an insulation option with the additional benefit of doubling as a rodent-proof pest control.

Attic Insulation Removal and Replacement

Alliance Environmental technicians are the experts in removing and installing insulation materials in attics and crawl spaces for both residential and commercial buildings. Depending on your structure and the type of insulation used we will assess your project needs and provide a detailed estimate for your attic needs.

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Alliance Environmental Group Partners with Ronald McDonald House San Diego for Dinner with Friends

Our annual Dinner with Friends benefit event is postponed this year, but we can still support them through our Dinner with Friends Online option. While many things have changed over the last six months, the need to care for families with critically ill children has not. San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House continues to offer rooms so parents can stay across the street from the hospital and provides to-go meals to keep them strong for their child.

As discussed in the video, your gift will have double the impact when it is matched by some generous friends who want to encourage public giving. We ask that you consider making a $100 donation in lieu of the traditional Dinner with Friends ticket price.

Double Your Impact Now!

Although we cannot be together, please help us continue the Dinner with Friends legacy by supporting families, so they can focus on what matters most – their child. Thank you for helping us keep families healthy and safe!

Xenex Lightstrike UV Disinfectant Pod Designed by Mintie, LLC.

Mintie recently had the honor of collaborating with Xenex Disinfection Services on their LightStrike™ Disinfection Pod™. It is the first mobile disinfection pod of its kind and is designed to help hospitals disinfect high-touch, mobile and reusable equipment in 5-minute cycles. Utilizing Mintie’s expertise with environmental containment units (ECUs), we created a portable, easy to assemble, space-saving pod that meets industry standards for safe uses in hallways and corridors.

Creating these pod spaces allows hospitals to disinfect complex equipment and larger mobile units such as isolettes, ventilators, ultrasounds, vital sign monitors, wheelchairs, and mobile workstations quickly and effectively. The full UV coverage uses highly reflective aluminum-bonded fabric to scatter the pulsed Xenon UV light 360 degrees and is effective against C. diff, MRSA, CRE, VRE, and other MDROs.

Recently, the Carolina Panthers NFL team purchased two Mintie UV Disinfectant pods. The team is using two LightStrike Disinfection Pods, which are mobile containment units that enable the power of the LightStrike robot’s intense, germicidal light to be used anywhere in a facility. The pods are currently used to disinfect player pads, cleats, and helmets after every practice.

If your facility needs a mobile and modular hazardous area isolation solution for infection prevention and safety, contact Mintie at 1-844-464-6843 for more information.

Air Duct Cleaning During Flu Season

In the United States, flu season peaks in the fall and winter. It is unpredictable and can begin as early as October, causing a mild to severe – and contagious – respiratory illness. In an effort to protect ourselves, people may get a flu shot, take vitamins, or both. They also take up some basic steps to protect, customers, students, employees, and family: frequent hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes with a sleeve or tissue, staying home when sick, and cleaning surface areas a little more often. The complications of being positively diagnosed with the Covid-19 Coronavirus further compounds health risks to those infected by the flu.

Air Duct Cleaning During Flu Season

Cleaning the air ducts of your residential, industrial, or commercial buildings is essential to eliminating the space of any residual airborne germs that can cause further infection. Airtek Indoor Air Solutions are experts at maintaining safe quality air to breathe and are regarded as the commercial HVAC professionals of choice.

Air Duct Cleaning

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Disaster Preparedness

Throughout life, there are many times where we are advised to be prepared for an emergency. Disaster preparedness is a necessity and comes in many forms, from packing emergency kits for school-aged children or creating basic first aid kits to keep in the car, to having go bags ready for possible evacuations due to natural disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes. In recent times, emergency preparedness has taken on an added layer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether your situation requires sheltering-in-place or an emergency evacuation, it never hurts to check your plans and go through your supplies and emergency kits. Edit or replace items as needed and don’t forget about a plan for your pets too. There are many resources out there to help you build your go bags and emergency kits. USA Today recently published an article, “How to Prepare for Natural Disasters During a Pandemic,” which can serve as a good starting point.


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