We are always saddened to hear about gun violence, especially after the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut last month. But the fact remains that one of the services we offer is the cleanup of crime and trauma scenes. Unfortunately for the victims and their families, a shooting is both a crime and a trauma.

Last weekend, our own Edwin Munet handled a crime scene cleanup in Moreno Valley. The story itself is a very sad one. An 18-year-old who had been apprehended and handcuffed was shot and killed by a Sheriff’s Deputy when the Deputy thought the young man was about to shoot him. Investigations are not yet complete.

We would be as happy as you would be to never be called to another crime scene because there was none, but so far that is not the case. Our condolences go out to all the families in Newtown and, indeed, to the friends and families of everyone affected by gun violence around the world.