If it seems like Alliance Environmental Group is the go-to company for crime scene cleanup projects, well, that’s because we are!

You might have heard yesterday about the sad story of Stanwood Elkus who went to an appointment with his urologist and shot his doctor to death in the examination room. The 75-year-old apparently had issues with his prostate and may have blamed his doctor for his continuing problems. Mr. Elkus is in custody, but unfortunately Dr. Ronald Gilbert’s family has suffered a terrible loss.

Alliance Environmental Group was called in to clean up the crime scene after all necessary evidence had been gathered by police and forensic teams.

A crime scene is always a difficult cleanup project, if you are not trained to deal with it. Alliance’s cleanup team is highly trained, professional and licensed for crime scene decontamination, as is legally required in California. Our services include:

  • Disinfecting
  • Odor neutralization
  • Total removal of biological infectious waste, blood or body fluids
  • Documentation of proper bio-hazardous waste disposal
  • Fingerprint removal
  • Tear gas remediation

We are available anytime, day or night and arrive fully-equipped to handle the cleanup and removal of potentially contaminated or infectious blood, body fluids, body tissue and materials. All hazardous waste is properly packaged, removed, transported and destroyed according to state and federal regulations.

We hope that you are never in need of our Crime Scene cleanup services, but if you ever are, please call us and let us take care of this difficult process for you and spare yourself further trauma even after a terrible situation has ended.