Today until April 7 is Global Asbestos Awareness Week and asbestos might have been found in a Southern California school. This past Friday, Southern California was shaken by an earthquake. Residents close to La Habra felt the quake more because the epicenter was in La Habra. Ever since, the earthquake happen there has been aftershocks. One Orange County elementary school closed yesterday and might be closed for two weeks because of damage.Inspectors have also been investigating whether there is structural damage to the building. Since there were aftershocks, authorities are investigating whether there has been any loose protective coating of asbestos.

Any exposure of the asbestos fibers can cause lung damage and other serious health problems. Asbestos may be found in the floor tiles or in any area that asbestos was used in classrooms or throughout schools. The indoor air quality has been tested to be safe but the debris from the ceiling, from the tiles and from the dust may trace to asbestos. If asbestos is found it has to be removed completely and if other problems arise the area will be fenced off and that is when the process may take up to two weeks. The info-graphic below illustrates facts about asbestos in schools. The section about “Spotting Asbestos” shows that any crumbling ceiling tiles and ceiling panels may have asbestos. This is one area in the Orange County school that was spotted and was quickly prompted to be investigated and fixed.

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