We posted this infographic on our Facebook Page this morning and it started a discussion:

Of course, there is no dispute about whether asbestos is dangerous, that is well-known and acknowledged. The question that came up is, if asbestos is left undisturbed, is it really worrisome?

And the answer: YES!

Why is asbestos dangerous if left alone?

I will answer that question with another question: What kind of natural disasters occur in your area? How about man-made disasters?

Here in California we have earthquakes, mudslides and wildfires with sometimes alarming frequency. On the East Coast, it’s hurricanes and Nor’easters, which may bring floods. In the Midwest and the South, tornadoes.

Here’s the thing: any of these natural disasters–plus any man-made situations like explosions, motor vehicle accidents, train derailments, plane crashes–can expose asbestos that was thought to be safe. And release it into your environment and that of your neighbors.

Schools and other public facilities are not immune from these events. Most recently, we saw schools in Oklahoma destroyed. What if those facilities contained asbestos materials? Acoustical tile? Asbestos insulation? Popcorn ceiling? Shingles? Asbestos floor tiles? Here’s a list.

So what was our answer on Facebook?

“If the ACM is not disturbed there should be little concern…correct?”

Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. Theoretically, but there is always the danger of a natural disaster exposing children, teachers and staff to asbestos. Here in California, asbestos is often disturbed by earthquakes, for example. The presence of asbestos is always a risk.

If you need asbestos removed from your home or other building, call on Alliance Environmental Group. We can help ensure that your risks in an earthquake do not include the health effects of asbestos exposure.

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