If you toured the Visitor Center at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg any time between 1963 and 2008, there is almost no doubt that you took a look at the giant electronic map of Gettysburg and probably stayed for the show.

Unfortunately, the map has been out of commission and in storage in 4 parts since 2008, but many people have despaired of its loss as a way to explain the Battle of Gettysburg to future generations of visitors and history buffs. Would the map ever be seen again? Well, it looks like it probably will be since last week when a Hanover, PA businessman purchased it for about $14,000, planning to move it to an old bank building he is renovating into a museum in downtown Hanover. But there are some challenges to his plan.

The map of the Battle of Gettysburg weighs 12 tons and measures 29 feet by 29 feet when assembled, but the possibility of relocation and reassembly has been complicated by the presence of asbestos sealant on the plaster from which it was made. Anyone who purchased the map had to commit to the asbestos abatement which is needed to ensure that it is safe for visitors and workers in its new location.

We are often surprised to hear where asbestos can still be found. Historically, asbestos was used in many materials for fire prevention and insulation. The asbestos sealant used here was probably thought to be a better choice than other products which were less fire resistant. Nowadays, the cost-benefit analysis would come out differently.

We are however, thrilled that this relic of the last century will be seen by many more millions of visitors and students of US history on into the future after the asbestos abatement project has been completed!

You can find more information about the Electric Map of Gettysburg at SavetheElectricMap.org and learn more about the man who purchased it and his future plans in this article from the York Dispatch.

Here is a night vision video of part of the Gettysburg Electric Map Show. Enjoy!

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