Many schools have been closing down because lead paint has been found and has to be removed. Friday, a Huntington Beach elementary school will remain closed indefinitely because asbestos being present in the school.

The school might be closed for an estimated of 5 to 10 weeks for asbestos to be removed. In total there were three schools in Huntington Beach that will close because asbestos was found in the classrooms. The closing of the schools have been a big problem because many parents are concerned about the way that asbestos was handled.

Fifty six wipe samples were collected in one of the elementary schools and six of the classrooms contained a single asbestos fiber. The sample that was collected was found in a tile. Parents are saying that there were not notified that asbestos was present in the tiles.

Asbestos Fibers Can Become Airborne

Although asbestos was used in different parts of buildings, once it is present and is disturbed, the fibers will become airborne and then becomes a danger to occupants. Since this case, asbestos was found in a school, many children could have been exposed and teachers as well. During that time there will be many city meetings and the city is trying to find an area that children will go to school to. We will keep you posted on this case.

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