One of the busiest travel periods of the year take place during the holiday season. As millions are traveling and staying in family homes, hotels and in resorts bed bugs can hitchhike at any moment. A bed bug problem can cause an infestation.

These critters usually are found in hotels but can be found in other public areas and travel in your luggage. The presence of bed bugs does not mean an area is unclean.

You can avoid a bed bug problem by knowing where to look at and what to look for, so that you can catch it early.

How Can You Avoid A Bed Bug Problem While Traveling

  • Inspect the area where you are sleeping
  • Inspect a bed’s box spring, mattress and headboard
  • Check for brown spots and tiny blood stains
  • Avoid placing your luggage in the carpet
  • Inspect your clothes before and after

These are basic tips that can help you avoid bring bed bugs back to your home while traveling for the holidays. If you do stay in a hotel and see any of these signs contact management immediately.

If you suspect there are bed bugs in your home contact a professional.

Our Team Heat Division specializes in eliminating bed bugs by using alternative methods like heat. Contact us if you find bed bugs in your environment to re-create a comfortable environment for your staff and guests.

To learn about this heating process check out our recent blog post on the “Heat Removal Process.”

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