We have heard so many news on bed bugs being found in hotels and in many residential homes. I was browsing through the latest news on bed bugs. I read how bed bugs made their way to the New York City Department of Health Long Island City office building. A group of bed bugs have been found on one floor of the Long Island office building. Employees had to put their belongings in plastic bags and were concerned the entire time because some employees had been bitten. They are steps being taken to get rid of the bed bugs. Although, bed bugs are highly known to be inside hotels and residential homes they too can be find in many several places. Some of the “Bed Bug Hotspots” are:

  • Office Buildings
  • Movie Theaters
  • Hospitals
  • Schools/University Dorms
  • Nursing Homes

If you do find bed bugs in the above areas do not panic.Yes, bed bugs can be annoying and gross but they can successfully be removed. However, do not be the one getting rid of bed bugs using pesticides. A pest management plan should be created and a professional pest control company should be contacted. A highly effective way of getting rid of bed bugs is heat treatment. The heating process will get rid of any bed bugs hiding in the tiniest crack in any of the “Bed Bug Hot Spots”. When customers choose Alliance, customers prefer the heating process since it is the only non chemical method to successfully treat entire structures. It is a convenient method of getting rid of bed bugs. If you get caught in between with a bed bug problem contact us and we can be able to assist you.