We’ve all heard the expression ’sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!’ but when is it time to truly worry about bed bugs? The answer is now! As the weather begins to warm up, unwanted pests are beginning to move around. Travel season is among us – with Spring break just passing, Memorial day in our foresights, and Summer time right around the corner! Prime time bed bug season is typically lasts from March until November. The more people travel, the more likely bed bugs are to latch on for a ride.

Be aware of where you are traveling. An online registry exists (bedbugregistry.com) where you can look up hotels with reported bed bug complaints. Be sure to check out our past blog on the top 50 cities with bed bugs problems (Top Cities with Bed Bug Infestations). Bed bugs can be found at any hotel, whether it is expensive or cheap. If you see an insect while you’re staying in a hotel, report it. Do not use the hotel drawers to store your clothes. Keep your luggage elevated on a luggage rack and away from the bed. A common myth is that you cannot see bed bugs; but you CAN see a bed bug with the naked eye.

Signs that bed bugs may be present are small blood or brown spots near your mattress or headboard. Check under the mattress and by the baseboards and outlet coverings. If you are staying in a hotel where they have a bed bug cover (zipped mattress cover), be sure to investigate as this could mean they have had bed bug infestations in the past. If you are in an apartment complex or multi-family housing, please report your bed bug findings to the property manager. The infestation could possibly be affecting neighboring units as well.

There are many methods for exterminating bed bugs, but the heat treatment method is the most effective. It kills all present bed bugs as well as any eggs. Bed bugs are adapting and building a resistance to certain chemicals. Heat treatments can be a more costly process, but are typically limited to one treatment instead of multiple site visits to ensure a full kill.

Alliance Environmental Group in full bed bug season will run every single Team Heat crew on staff. Currently, we are at 50% capacity, but within 60 days we will be up at 100% with a backlog of 3-7 days due to the high demand from bed bug season. We will double our crews statewide to ensure all bed bug cases are be handled properly and in a timely manner. To learn more about Alliance Environmental’s Team Heat, click here.


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