Bed bug reports abound and come from all over:

Hawaii’s Halawa Correctional Facility
The Capitol Motel in Wisconsin
Graham Correctional Center in Illinois
Work Release center in Indiana
Riker’s Island in New York
Kintock House in New Jersey
Monroe County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania
Police Lockup in Pontiac, Michigan
Metropolitan Transition Center in Maryland

…the list goes on and on.

A recent article in Corrections Forum, a corrections trade publication, talks about the dangers of bed bugs and the microbes they can carry, and how ThermaPureHeat can help:

“The Natural Link Mold Lab (NLML) study collected several groups of bedbugs gathered from geographically diverse locations in California and Nevada. Employing cultures, incubators, and Petri dishes, the bedbugs were examined for the presence of microbial vectors, including bacteria and yeasts, which were carried by the insects.”

Previously, bed bugs were not thought to carry any pathogens, but that is no longer the case.  They can carry Staph and bacteria that cause gastrointestinal illness.

They also studied the effectiveness of high heat as a treatment for bed bug infestations:

“Employing both laboratory and field data, results demonstrated this heat process as the most effective modality for killing microbial pathogens carried by bedbugs. ‘In one case, we subjected some adult specimens and one nymph to a temperature of 122°F for four hours,” describes Abbott. “All the bedbugs were dead following the heat treatment. More importantly, no bacteria were isolated from the heat treated specimens.’”

Another study has shown that heat kills bed bugs at all stages of development, making it impossible for the infestation to recur due to bed bug eggs remaining viable and hatching later.  “A single application of structural pasteurization proves effective, obviating the need for repeat visits required of chemical processes.

Here’s my favorite part:

“Alliance Environmental, based in Azusa, Calif., employs heat pasteurization as the only way to ensure that both bedbugs and any associated pathogens are being addressed, says Joe McLean, CEO. He says they use the ThermaPureHeat process because ‘we have consistently obtained the most effective results with it.’”

The ThermaPureHeat system, used by Alliance Environmental Group as a treatment for bed bugs (among other services) has been nominated for a National Medal of Technology and Innovation from the US Department of Commerce.

I hope we could all agree that being in prison is bad enough without also having to suffer the horrors of bed bugs.  No one should be locked up anywhere with a bed bug!  Alliance Environmental Group is proud to offer ThermaPureHeat services all over California for any size and type of structure, including correctional facilities.

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