Two of our favorite topics come together in this video: bed bugs and the Olympics!

Whether winter or summer, the Olympic Games bring together legions of athletes and fans, filling up local hotels of every description. But people are not the only creatures who travel during the Olympics–bed bugs come along, too!

This Australian entomologist recommends:

Removing all bedding to inspect mattresses thoroughly before sleeping in your room

Sleeping clothed–bed bugs prefer exposed skin

We would add:

Making a full inspection of your room, including behind pictures and inside drawers

If you find signs of bed bugs, ask for another room not adjacent to the infested room on any side or above or below.

Keeping luggage outside the room until inspection is complete.

Laundering all packed clothing when you get home, even if you didn’t wear it.

With thousands traveling to a major city, some bed bugs will travel with the athletes and fans and some will be found upon arrival. The best way to avoid contact with bed bugs is to be proactive about your accommodations. Remember that it doesn’t matter how expensive or luxurious a hotel may be, they could still have bed bugs.

And if you are traveling internationally, go to the Global Bed Bug Registry to find out if there have been any recent reports about your hotel.