I know I am not alone in having written that bed bugs are not carriers of diseases which affect humans, but recently a story came to light which puts that idea in doubt.

Recently Sandy Williams, a father of five vacationing in Tennessee, encountered a bed bug infestation in a ski cabin in the Smoky Mountains. He and his family noticed a few bug bites while they were on vacation, but thought nothing of it until they returned home to Florida, when they realized that they all had bites from bed bugs living in the cabin. Most people do not know that bed bug bites take about 48 hours to become visible on the skin.

One of Sandy’s bites on his leg became infected and after getting antibiotics from his doctor which did not help, ended up in the Emergency Room. The bed bug had delivered a staph infection to Sandy’s leg through its bite. Luckily, 2 weeks of antibiotic treatment was successful in Sandy’s case, leaving him with only a scar, but this story certainly does not agree with the usual idea that bed bugs are not disease vectors. In fact, bed bugs have been tested to carry s Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, and Proteus mirabilis.

On the Alliance blog, we often talk about the psychological damage that can be caused by bed bugs as well as the physical discomfort of bites, but this development is more serious and an even better reason to treat for bed bugs as soon as you discover they are present.

To prevent any further heath effect, heat treatment is the best remedy for a bed bug infestation. Heat works in one treatment, with no dangerous pesticides or chemical residue, no need to move out of your home until chemicals have dispersed, no need to bag food or wash your linens, drapes and other textiles. Alliance Environmental Group offers ThermaPureHeat treatment for bed bugs and other pests all over California. Don’t let a bed bug problem get out of hand! Give us a call as soon as you suspect bed bugs and we will nip them in the bud!