Many individuals have heard the term, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” and refer it while you get ready for bed. Bed bugs are commonly known to be found in bedrooms and in hotels. However, bed bugs can be found in the public. Bed bugs can be considered as unwanted travelers. Bed Bugs were recently found in a San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Train. A passenger reported that he had found bed bugs on his legs while getting off the train. Just imagine finding bed bugs while you are on your way to work. Not fun! The passenger contacted BART, and the train was taken out of service immediately once it was located.

It might be sometimes rare to fund bed bugs where you might not think they can be, but they need humans to travel. Any public area where their will be human interaction is a host for bed bugs. According to a Bed Bug Survey done by, 52% of americans are concerned encountering bed bugs in public transportations. It might have been a surprise for this individual who found bed bugs while getting off the train, but it is a great concern to encounter bed bugs in public transportation. It might also seem like the bed bug population in the United States is increasing because we are listening to many cases every day of bed bug situations being found in homes and in public areas. At Alliance Environmental, we have a lot of work to do. Our Team Heat Division specializes in eliminating bed bugs by using alternative methods like heat. Heat treatment is an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to fumigation that can be used for entire structures, confined areas or localized spot treatments. To learn more about bed bugs, an info-graphic provided by a pest control from New York illustrates additional information on bed bugs.