(photo credit: C.L Goforth)

Happy Halloween!

If you celebrate Halloween it is a fun time to go out and finish carving pumpkins with your family and just wear fun costumes. This is the day that many people rush to a Halloween store and pick a last minute Halloween costumes. One thing that you may not think about when choosing a costume is checking for bed bugs. The more crowded the costume store or halloween store, the more likely bed bugs have moved from one costume to another. It is something to pay special attention to, especially if you live in a area where bed bugs are prevalent. Don’t leave the store without checking your fun and spooky costume thoroughly for bed bugs and signs of bed bugs. Inside, outside, along the seams. No costume is worth bringing bed bugs home.

Having bed bugs in your costume is more scarier than the scariest costume there is. Just like bed begs can be found in places like dorms, bedrooms and inside furniture they can be found in confined places. Remember bed bugs can also be found in clean places. The best approach is to prevent infestation and to spread bed bugs in your home and family against bed bugs. If you do find any signs of bed bugs in your home or in your child’s costume be proactive and try not to move things around away from the designated area. The greatest tip is to call pest control and they can give you instructions to check an effected area. Forty bed bugs can multiply from forty to one thousand bed bugs and triple in six months. Bed bugs are coming back and reproducing very quickly. If you would like more information on bed bugs or find bed bugs in your environment contact us and we can be of assistance.