We came across a story from Philadelphia, PA this week, but it may have been a bit of an overreaction!

Some Philadelphia police officers were called to a crime scene where a woman had died under unsuspicious circumstances. Unfortunately, during their investigations they found evidence of a bed bug infestation.

The 4 police cars involved at the scene were taken out of service and decontaminated as a preventive measure and we can understand why they might want to take those precautions.

Having to spend most of your workday in a car doesn’t sound like much fun in the first place, but getting bitten by bed bugs would definitely make it an unpleasant job. Being a police officer is hard enough!

Makes me glad my nephew works for the Westminster, MD police instead of Philly, though.

Bed bugs can find a home anywhere there are people to bite: homes and apartments, offices, even cars. They can move from location to location on a person on on their belongings. The Philadelphia Police may have had an incipient problem or they may not, but they know now that they are safe from this infestation at least. And it wasn’t the first time they have taken cars out of service to prevent bed bugs from having a ridealong!

If you need some tips on preventing stowaway bed bugs, read more here.

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And have a wonderful bug-free weekend!

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