There are so many methods on getting rid of bed bugs. There are so many articles on different ways of getting rid of them. Recently, one method of killing bed bugs was by freezing them.However, a freezing method may not work in several cases. The California Apartment Association recently added an interesting article about how some bed bugs were able to withstanding freezing temperatures. Scientists found that some bed bugs from the beginning life stages can withstand temperatures as cold as -13 Fahrenheit for a brief period of time. Scientists also conducted an additional study to see if bed bugs after being exposed to low temperatures are able to feed afterwards. Bed bugs that are found in cities where winter nights are at freezing temperatures can still survive even when there is no heat present.

Scientists recommend putting bed bugs in the freezer for 2-4 days to kill them. However, while doing some research on this method, one individual collected samples in 2007, for pesticide resistance and the bed bugs were in freezing temperatures on mattresses for about 36 hours and after 20 minutes in a heated car the bed bugs in the collection vials were fine. As a result, bed bugs can withstand freezing temperatures for a period of time. As we learn more methods of killing bed bugs, most importantly in order to get rid of bed bugs whether it is in a apartment complex, home or hotel, it takes cooperation from a tenant, property management and the pest control company to come up with a plan to kill the bed bugs. Educating those who work in these type of environments about bed bugs is also a great method to achieve results and prevent infestation.

Alliance Environmental technicians are highly-trained in using heat treatment for pest control. Heat treatment is an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to fumigation that can be used for entire structures, confined areas or localized spot treatments. By applying the appropriate amount of heat evenly throughout a structure and for the proper amount of time, we are able to kill dust mites, bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are hiding in a single treatment. This is an important fact given that not all current pesticide control methodologies kill bed bug eggs.