Bed bugs can certainly give you the blues, of that there is no doubt!

We hope you enjoy this song by the legendary Bessie Smith on this lovely Monday morning!

If you have the Mean Old Bed Bug Blues today, don’t just sing a song, get some help! Alliance Environmental Group’s Team Heat can kill all bed bugs in an area, a room or an entire structure in one treatment of high temperatures that eliminates bed bugs at every stage of development: eggs, nymphs and breeding (and biting) adults.

Don’t let bed bugs give you the blues, do something about them! Pesticides and sprays only work on some bugs and don’t eradicate these annoying pests completely so they will come back. Chemical treatments leave residue and cost more in the long run with having to move out for days, replace food and launder linens, not to mention the necessity for retreatment when the bugs return because viable eggs were left behind. Contact Alliance for help with bed bug eradication anywhere in California!

And Happy Monday!

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