Think you have mold? Be careful who you ask! ABC News recently posted an expose of some mold inspection and remediation companies and 3 out of 7 were definitely in the business of ripping off consumers! You can watch the video at this link:

4 Tips to Protect Yourself During Mold Inspection

ABC News set up a situation where experts had determined there was no mold present and called 7 inspection companies in to see what they would say and how much they would charge to have a nonexistent mold problem taken care of.

How did they do?

Well, more than half of the companies were right–they determined that there was no mold. But the 3 remaining companies gave ABC estimates from $920 up to a whopping $5,500, and that was on top of $1,100 for testing! The most expensive company was the one that the homeowner said she would be most likely to choose, since he seemed the most knowledgeable. Oops!

ABC’s best tips?

Beware quick inspections! A thorough inspection of your house should take much longer than a few minutes, possibly a few hours.

And check your inspector’s Certifications. Our Team at Alliance Environmental Group is highly trained and properly certified to provide many services, including Mold Abatement. Choose your inspector wisely!

If you have a problem with mold in your home, you need to have it taken care of. Mold doesn’t go away by itself! Contact Alliance Environmental Group for help anywhere in California! The summer storm season has begun in many parts of the US and wherever there is water, there can be mold!