While we are out golfing today with CAI-Greater Los Angeles Chapter, we thought you might be interested in recent stories in the news about some of our favorite topics:

Bed Bugs:

Last week we learned that bed bug reports are up in nearby Pasadena, but they’re having issues in Arkansas, too. In Hot Springs, the Housing Authority has been ordered to reimburse tenants for the costs of bed bug treatment. And rightly so!

We know you are checking hotel rooms very carefully for signs of bed bugs before you bring in your luggage or take a nap. We hope you are also checking any furniture–new or secondhand–before you bring it in your house. But this story recommends checking another place: your car.

A University of Kentucky entomologist tells us that more and more bed bugs are turning up in libraries, brought in not only on books, but on patrons and their clothing.


It’s been six months since Superstorm Sandy and my parents might have recovered from not having electricity for a week, but toxic mold is still a developing environmental challenge in the area.

Employees of a Alabama Chamber of Commerce were getting sick. A lot. Turned out to be toxic mold and they are now suing the Chamber for not taking care of the mold problem in their building in 2007 when the problems were discovered.


From the BBC, another reason to get old asbestos-containing materials safely removed from school buildings: “a five-year-old is five times more likely than an adult of 30 to develop mesothelioma, a type of cancer linked to asbestos, if they are exposed to it at the same time.” Yikes!

New lasers can spot asbestos fibers in the air in real-time! Right now you have to take an air sample and send it to a lab, but very soon these lasers will be commercially available, yay!

We hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!