While we are watching the coverage of terrible storms in Tornado Alley, we are also finding some stories about how to deal with the problems that can be created by natural disasters.

WHBF-TV in Iowa has some good advice for How to Keep Your Basement Safe After a Flood. We don’t have tornadoes (much) here in California and the basement isn’t the safest place in an earthquake, but rain comes with tornadoes and rain brings floods and floods bring the potential for mold growth. Unfortunately, a lot of folks in Tornado Alley don’t have basements and they are SO necessary when the really big storms hit.

A woman in Maryland recently won an $800,000 award in court from her landlord because of an 8-month long bed bug infestation. $650,000 of that award was punitive damages. She claimed the landlord knew about the bedbugs before she moved in and when she was evicted, had all of her belongings put outside, where they were stolen. Wouldn’t you rather just treat the bed bugs? Yikes!

Did you know…the Illinois Residential Real Property Disclosure Act requires all sellers to advise any potential buyers of problems or known defects with the house including “unsafe concentrations of or unsafe conditions relating to asbestos.” Sounds good to us!

In another reason not to participate in any Spring Cleaning activities, scientists at Michigan State University have determined that Spring Cleanup Can Increase Lead Exposure in Home. I knew there was a reason not to clean out that hall closet!

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