Can’t resist Gershwin! But we are reading in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that bed bugs are on the rise in Pasadena, even more than they normally would be in the summer months!

Bed bugs are definitely more active in warm weather and this year is no exception. Pest control professionals in our area are getting more and more calls to deal with bed bug infestations.

Why more bed bugs in summer?

Summer is a big travel season and infestations can easily be spread from hotel room to home to cabin to suitcase to work. The more traveling we do, the more likely we are to encounter a bed bug somewhere. After all, even expensive hotels can have bed bugs!

And once bed bugs get in, they are hard to get out. The best treatment is heat, which kills bed bugs at all stages of development–including eggs that you can’t see–in one treatment without the use of dangerous pesticides, which often don’t work without multiple visits. The sprays you see advertised on TV and the internet work “on contact,” but good luck making sure that spray came into contact with every single bug and egg. Heat treatment penetrates all surfaces, killing bed bugs dead, dead, dead, with no need to move out of your house, bag your food, or wash all of your linens of chemical contaminants.

Alliance Environmental Group is proud to offer heat treatment for bed bugs in the Pasadena area and all over California.If you find that bed bugs have come home with you from your summer travels, don’t panic! Give Alliance a call and our highly trained team will be with you quickly and take care of your infestation right away!

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