Happy Halloween!

Sorry to scare you after the kids have already gone to school dressed up, but there are some unsafe costumes and props out there you might want to avoid.

A group in the Philippines has found high levels of antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury on some Halloween masks and props.

In 2012, some pirate costumes which made it into the US were seized before they made it to store shelves in Seattle because they tested positive for high levels of lead.

10 of the Halloween products contained lead.

None of these products are reported to have been imported into the US and imported products are tested for lead, but we have previously reported on toxins found in school suppliesjewelry and even candy on the US market, so the likelihood is real.

How can you be sure your costume is safe?

The best way is to make your own. But if you are buying a costume:

  • Buy from a reputable retailer, not from a street vendor.
  • Use makeup instead of masks, being watchful for toxic ingredients like BHA, parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Children are more sensitive to chemicals than adults.
  • Have the kids wash their hands after playing with their props and before opening up their candy and digging in.
  • Inspect the candy collection–Throw away anything unwrapped, open, or homemade for sure, but also look for unknown imported items and bugs.

Better safe than full! We read today that even bed bugs can hitch a ride in Halloween candy from a house with an infestation!

Have a very Happy and SAFE Halloween!

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