Asbestos Today

1. Water Tanks are usually made of asbestos cement and are often found in older properties (pre 1978).
2. Pipe insulation—used to keep heat in or cold out. Often painted over or protected by outer coating so not obviously asbestos.
3. Home Insulation—loose asbestos can be found as insulation in wall and floor cavities and in lofts.
4. Textured ceilings and walls.
5. Roof overhangs can be made from asbestos cement or asbestos insulating board.
6. Toilet cisterns can contain asbestos-reinforced resin composite materials.
7. Outdoor siding and indoor paneling—particularly around windows.
8. Fuse box—each fuse wire can have an individual asbestos flash guard and the panel behind the fuse box can be asbestos.
9. Boiler enclosure can contain asbestos insulating board.
10. Floor tiles—vinyl and linoleum floor tiles can contain asbestos. The tile backing may also contain asbestos paper.
11. Roof gutters and down pipes can often be made of asbestos cement.

The United States Geological Survey has released a report showing a dramatic increase (34%) in asbestos imports into the United States from 2010 to 2011.

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization responded with a strong statement of condemnation. Here is a PowerPoint presentation of their statement:

ADAO USGS Asbestos Consumption in the USA

View more presentations from Linda Reinstein

There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is often present in buildings constructed before 1978 and becomes exposed during renovations and after natural disasters. It is not safe to remove asbestos materials yourself. There are strict rules governing the removal of asbestos for your safety and the safety of the removal crews.

If you are planning a renovation of an older home or find exposed asbestos at your residence or commercial building in California, please call in a professionalAlliance Environmental Group provides all necessary asbestos removal services with strict adherence to safety regulations to protect your family, your employees and your community from exposure to these carcinogenic fibers. Contact us if you need help with asbestos removal! We have offices all over California including our newest office in Anaheim.

Please do not handle asbestos yourself—the fibers are tiny and extremely dangerous!

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