I don’t want to bring back bad memories for anyone, but remember the smell of your high school gym? Or locker room? Or locker?

Yeah. Me, too.

Now take that memory and combine it with a time when you just couldn’t figure out what was making a horrible smell. I once worked in an office that had just this problem and it turned out to be a dead rat in the vent, yuck!

Last week, Alliance Environmental Group’s Team Heat was called in by a Salinas-based restoration company that was attempting to remove an odor from a school gymnasium. After complaints from teachers, students and parents, the school decided it was time to act.

Alliance’s expert team provided the Hydronic trailer and worked with the restoration company – which provided the fans and manpower – to heat the gym to approximately 120 degrees over six days. (Wonder how it smelled during the treatment!) But air was constantly pumped out of the building during the heating process, to be sure that the odor would not be reabsorbed into any building materials.

After the heating process was completed, the odor was reduced by 80 percent.

There’s not much worse than a super smelly gym and now at least the smells in this gym are the ones that are expected to be there! Visit our Facebook Page for more photos of this project!