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Summer is almost over and the “raining” season is not too far from now in California. What can grow if there is water damage or moisture? Mold.

Mold can damage your home, commercial building and have an affect on your health. Before any damage is done, making observations of water damage and dampness can prevent mold. Any water damage, dampness and moisture can lead mold to grow on walls and inside air condition systems and spread throughout your indoor environment. The Global Indoor Health Network collected a report with many tips, facts and statistics on the dangers of mold exposure in office buildings, schools and other non- industrial buildings. Some great tips to building owners and employers are listed below:

-Always respond when occupant health concerns are reported

-Regularly inspect building areas such as roofs, ceilings, walls, basements, crawl spaces, and slab construction for evidence of dampness;

-Conduct regularly scheduled inspections of heating, ventilating, and air- conditioning (HVAC) systems and promptly correct any problems.

-Prevent high indoor humidity through the proper design and operation of HVAC systems.

-Dry any porous building materials that have become wet from leaks or flooding within 48 hours.

-Clean and repair any moisture damage quickly

-Follow several mold remediation guidelines from EPA

Above are some of the tips that are provided by the report but if there is any kind of mold present in any office building, school or commercial building it is best to contact a remediation company who are professionals and can eliminate the mold to grow and spread. Without professional help, you may be able to stop the mold but not permanently because mold can grow and spread in other areas. At Alliance Environmental, we are California’s Most Experienced and Trusted Remediation Company. Our environmental division specializes in mold removal and use certain technology to remove mold. Visit our website and like our Facebook Community Page to learn more about our environmental division.