It seemed like an ordinary day, a bit cooler than usual, cloudy in Burbank, but Wildomar was lovely!

We were there to remove some dangerous asbestos material in an abandoned building in Wildomar, California and were well on our way when we discovered…there was something else in there! Owlets!

Aren’t they cute?  Shouldn’t the project come first?  No!

We took a break to call the local Animal Control and make sure that this little fellow was relocated safely!  But he wasn’t the only wildlife we found in the building!

A baby turkey vulture!

Happily both of these little guys have been moved to a safer location to grow and thrive!  And a good thing, too!  I’m sure their lives would have been cut tragically short by living in a building full of asbestos fibers, as comfortable as they were there.

There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos, for man nor beast!

Have a great weekend!

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