Some stories that didn’t rate an entire blog post this week, but are definitely worth reading!


Hundreds of millions of workers worldwide are at risk as long as the asbestos industry continues mining and countries continue to allow the use of this deadly mineral.

Higher than normal rates of mesothelioma have been detected in the area around a former asbestos factory in Pennsylvania. And more on that cancer cluster.

A West Virginia couple has named 28 defendants in a lawsuit about workplace exposure to asbestos.

Bed Bugs:

In a rather crazy story, a man living in a halfway house due to stalking former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin left the facility claiming over 300 bed bug bites. The staff at the facility has another story.

Pesticides blamed again for sickening people trying to kill bed bugs themselves. We know heat is better!

Bed bugs cause more than just itching. High levels of anxiety related to bed bugs can lead to some questionable judgment about what to do about them.

It’s raining here in SoCal and we are planning to spend the weekend indoors making holiday gifts. What do you have planned for this first weekend of December?

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