We are waiting for a blizzard to hit the East Coast and some rain here on the West Coast, so here are some interesting tidbits for your weekend reading in front of the fireplace:


Read the sad story of a grandmother in the UK who died only 10 weeks after being diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer. Her husband survived her, but is also suffering from mesothelioma. It is believed she was exposed while washing her husband’s and son’s work clothes for many years and shaking asbestos fibers out of the fabric.

Bed Bugs:

Oregon is considering legislation limiting public information releases about lottery winners and public pensions, but it may also apply to information about bed bug infestations in homes and public facilities like hotels.


Does your family drink Capri Sun juice pouch beverages? There’s been a story going around the internet about mold growing in the pouches. We don’t attest to the truth of the story but your mileage may vary, as they say.


If you live in Elkhart County, Indiana, you could qualify for financial help in having lead paint removed from your home. The article provides an income chart to see if you qualify and links to the program.

If you are in the path of the rain or the snow, be safe and take care of any water damage or leaks from weather right away before it becomes a bigger problem!

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