On this holiday Friday, if you need something to read, here are some interesting stories we found in the news this week:

Lead Paint:

In a lawsuit that would change current government policies on lead paint in California, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, as well as seven California counties, have joined together to sue Atlantic Richfield, a manufacturer of lead paint. The lawsuit was first brought in 2000, but is now coming to court. The plaintiff governments are claiming that every bit of lead paint in pre-1978 homes poses a health hazard. And it could be! Similar suits have failed in other states. We will keep an eye out!


Although our hearts go out to all of those suffering from asbestos-related diseases–which are totally preventable–an event in the UK may do more harm than good. Over 2000 balloons are set to be released in honor of Action Mesothelioma Day, but environmentalists say that balloons are a danger to wildlife and are turning up as litter from large releases. In Australia it is illegal to release more than 20 balloons at one time and three US states limit balloon releases: Connecticut, Florida and Virginia. When we retweeted a message in support of this event, some of our followers were quick to let us know that it is not uncontroversial. 2000 balloons is a lot of balloons.


Are you spending a lot of time working in your garden this summer? Here are some tips for fighting mold outside in July!

Our thoughts are with our neighbors in Simi Valley who had an unfortunate experience at their fireworks show last night. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse! Hope that your 4th of July celebrations were fun and without incident!