Happy Friday! Yours truly is spending the day volunteering, but it doesn’t stop me from publishing a Friday Links blog for your perusal!


In a story that gladdens the heart of all reputable asbestos removal companies (nudge, nudge), a company in Albany, New York was recently fined $83,000 for safety violations and exposing their employees to asbestos. Let’s hope nothing comes of that! Alliance would never let anything like that happen.

Bed Bugs:

You probably heard that Chicago was named the 2012 #1 US City for bedbugs this week and after you read this story you can see why! A condominium resident apparently refused to treat his bed bug infestation and it got really bad.


The damage from Superstorm Sandy continues, as insurance inspectors are finding mold in the homes that survived the storm but were flooded.

Lead Paint:

In Butte, Montana, 100 year old ghost signs sport long-lasting lettering which is both “a savior and a curse,” according to KXLF news. The signs are still visible on the sides of buildings, but as they chip off due to age and weathering, the lead paint becomes a hazard. The signs are definitely an interesting feature of the city, but may not be worth the health hazards they pose.

Have a wonderful weekend!