It’s Friday and before we go off for our weekend of fun family time, here are some links for your reading pleasure:

Legionnaires’ Disease: Remember the Legionnaires’ outbreak in the Pennsylvania Veteran’s hospital? One patient has died and new investigations have begun from CBS.

Mold: National Geographic brings us a story about how Slime Mold Cheats Death. Fascinating AND gross!

Bed Bugs: A North Carolina woman is suing for multiple millions for bed bug bites she claims she received in a Holiday Inn last spring. Any hotel room can be infested with bed bugs. Be sure to follow our tips for inspecting your hotel room before you bring in your luggage and lay down your weary head!

Indoor Air QualityWays to De-Pollute the Air in Your House from the Tuscon Citizen

Lead in the Environment: Endangered Condors in America’s newest National Park are tested for lead poisoning.

Asbestos: You and I know this was not a good idea; why didn’t they? Ohio school district uses students to gut an asbestos-ridden building.

Have a great weekend!

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