It’s Friday and it’s actually cold! Time to prepare for the real winter weather, even here in SoCal. It poured with rain here yesterday, which means mold spores are not far away…


Freshmen at the University of Louisville are not having the first semester they expected–their dorm was closed this week due to mold. Students are being moved to other dormitories or are temporarily moving home. What a disappointment that must be!

At North Carolina State University, it’s a Sorority House that is temporarily uninhabitable from mold. The students have to find alternate housing for about 3 weeks while their landlord gets it taken care of. Let’s hope they use a professional team.

In Greenville, Tennessee, thousands of court records have been put at risk by ignoring moisture in storage facilities until mold and mildew have damaged records, possibly beyond recovery. Never ignore leaks!

Bed Bugs

Kansas City multiplex movie theater is infested with bed bugs–one would think movie tickets are expensive enough without ending up with bed bug bites! Bed bugs don’t often thrive in movie theaters without a constant food source, but it can happen. It is dark in there…

The Columbus Dispatch has found that bed bug infestations cause more than just itchy bites. Bed bugs take an emotional, physical and financial toll on those who encounter them. Take care of bed bugs right away before they do even more damage than they have already done!

Fire Prevention Week – Dryer Fires

We’ve been keeping an eye out for dryer vent and duct fires this week as part of our Fire Prevention Week efforts:

The Clark County Jail had a fire in their basement laundry room when the dryer was left unattended. Let’s hope they learned their lesson!

Savannah, Georgia firefighters responded to two dryer vent fires in one hour on Monday! Fires occur in nearly 3000 homes every year due to lint in the dryer vent and duct. Have your dryer vent and duct cleaned out every year–fall is a good time!

Have a great weekend and don’t leave the dryer running when you go out!

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