Just emerged from the rabbit hole of listening to songs about bed bugs on YouTube! Some are definitely funny, some good and some just bizarre!

What do you think of this one?

I’m not sure I’d be smiling…

We found some other interesting stories in the news this week, though:

The Montana Health Department says bed bugs are on the rise, especially in Helena.

In a moment of irony, the New York City Health Department has a bedbug infestation in its headquarters. Yikes! That is embarrassing!

Did you know that bed bugs are attracted by the carbon dioxide you exhale? Check out this new bed bug trap that generates more carbon dioxide than you do!

Bed Bugs have made it to Vermont. St. John’s is suffering from a bed bug epidemic

When you have bed bugs in a high rise apartment building, everyone has to work together or they will migrate and continue to thrive.

In Lawrence, Kansas, a book sale had to be canceled due to a bed bug infestation.

Want another song?

I can’t embed this one, but it’s really cute! Click HERE!

Have a great weekend!

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