We are always coming across unusual products made from or with asbestos. After all, it’s a miracle fiber, right? Not so much!

Sure asbestos is fire resistant and protective, a great insulator and practically indestructible. But it’s also indestructible when it gets into your lungs.

Unusual Asbestos Products

At holiday time, many families set up a lovely miniature Christmas village. In past years, decorative snow could have been made of, you guessed it, asbestos! We can only imagine, thank goodness, the grandkids playing with the little houses and people and deadly fibers, yikes!

Doing some home decorating? Asbestos floor tiles came in a vast array of colors and even textures and lasted forever. Know how you know that? Those floor tiles are still in use today, decades later!

What about the kids’ room? Getting tired of the sky and clouds you painted on the walls when they were babies? Cover up that old stuff with Asbestos wallpaper! Not only is it cute, it kills insects! Sounds like just the right thing for the little ones, eek!

Brighten up the outside of your home with flowers planted in Asbestos pots! Sounds like a good 7th grade science fair experiment to me. Terracotta vs. Asbestos, which is better? or worse!

We are glad it is harder to find products containing asbestos nowadays, but it’s not impossible. Your grandmother’s attic could still harbor a box of decorative snow, an old office building could still be sporting some fancy asbestos floor tile. There could be asbestos insulation in your basement or asbestos wallpaper on a room in an old house.

If you think you might have asbestos materials in your home or building, don’t remove it yourself. Never forget that there is no safe level of exposure to asbestos–it only takes a moment! Call a professional asbestos removal company and have it removed and disposed of safely!

And never get wallpaper that kills. That’s just weird.

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