Photo by Bill Damon via Flickr Creative Commons

Everyone is home from their summer travels and students are already back to school or will be on Tuesday. Suitcases are back in the garage, backpacks carry books instead of video games and it will soon be cool enough to wear socks once again. The water in the pool is getting cold at night and we don’t turn the air conditioner on until mid-afternoon. Sound familiar? Bed bugs are wrapping up their summer activities, too, thank goodness!

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial last-weekend-of-the-summer all over the US and it’s also the end of the height of Bed Bug Season, according to Bed Bug TV’s Jeffrey White. Jeff has surveyed pest control companies all over the US over the course of almost 4 years and found that, yes, indeed, there are more calls for bed bug infestations in the summer months:

There are lots of reasons to hope for a cooling trend in our weather, but a reduction in bed bugs is a great one. Ironically, the best way to get rid of bed bugs, however, is high temperatures–not outside, but in!

At Alliance, we use ThermaPureHeat and temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bed bugs in one treatment, without using dangerous and often ineffective pesticides. 130 degrees is too high for humans to want to be indoors and even worse for bed bugs. Our trained technicians, however, are used to the kill temperatures for all kinds of bugs, including bed bugs and cockroaches.

If bed bugs made your home into their vacation residence this summer, you can evict them! Call Alliance for help anywhere in California.

Hot for a day, pest-free for a lifetime! You might even want to go for a swim!

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