Free Wheelchair Mission is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 whose purpose is to provide wheelchairs to impoverished disabled people in developing countries around the world who would otherwise not have the privilege of mobility. Free Wheelchair mission is funded through donations from individuals, foundations and grants. In the 12 years since its inception, Free Wheelchair Mission has sent hundreds of thousands of wheelchairs to disabled people all over the world, giving them not only mobility but “dignity, independence, and hope.”

“Embracing core concepts of service to the poor, cultural collaboration, spirituality, and respect for the dignity of all mankind, Free Wheelchair Mission works to provide mobility for the impoverished and disabled. Our goal is to transform the quality of life not only for the affected individual, but for families, neighborhoods and communities in economically disadvantaged areas of developing nations around the world.”

Read more about the wheelchairs here.

We are very proud to announce that this year Alliance Environmental Group raised almost $20,000 in support of this amazing cause! With the cost this year of each wheelchair at $71.88, Alliance will provide 275 wheelchairs in 2013.

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