Thank you, teachers!

Today we found out that our own Carlos Sanguinetti’s wife, Shana Sanguinetti, has been named the Teacher of the Year for the San Diego Unified School District and we are so proud of her!! And Carlos, who is famous on the blog for putting on the Ronald McDonald House Dinner with Friends in March. What a terrific family!

My family is lucky to have experienced a year with the 2012 National Teacher of the Year and we dearly hope that when our younger child gets to 7th grade, he will have Rebecca Mieliwocki as well, and the rest of terrific TNT team at Luther Burbank Middle School, Nicholas Lundy and Stephanie Enokian. I’m sure Mrs. Mieliwocki would say that she couldn’t do it without the support of her colleagues, students and parents. In fact, I’ve heard her say so!

Since we are celebrating educators, it is definitely time to talk about the teachers we have at Alliance Environmental Group. Did you know that we offer a training course for insurance adjusters that has been certified by the Department of Insurance?

Our amazing teachers, CEO Joe McLean, Bill Wood and Jeff McLean provide a 5 hour hands-on training course in our own onsite facility on dealing with asbestos, lead and mold issues.

Very soon we will be releasing a video with all the details about training opportunities available at Alliance Environmental for any insurance adjuster, whether from an insurance company or an independent adjuster. Please contact us for more information!

And thanks, Joe, Bill and Jeff and for helping insurance adjusters all over California continue their path of lifelong learning! And Shana for being so great!

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