You might think: if you have to be incarcerated, Hawaii would not be the worst place. But you might be wrong. Bed bugs have infested part of a Hawaii prison and the prisoners are going to sue.

“Oahu Community Correctional Center has a serious bedbug problem. Inmates are complaining the infestation is so bad, they have to cover their belongings with plastic trash bags to keep the bugs out. The state Department of Public Safety admits the problem and says it’s doing everything it can to eradicate the bugs. The infestation is confined to Module 20, which houses 120 work furlough inmates. The state says part of the problem is that the inmates are able to go out to the public and possibly bring the bugs in.” KHVH-News Radio

Although it is possible that the work furlough inmates are bringing more bed bugs into the facility, it is much more likely that the bed bugs are not being fully eradicated by the treatments the administrators have used so far. Wish they would ask us what to do!

Our advice would be: heat treatment, of course!

Especially since the infestation is limited to one Module, heat treatment would be able to get this infestation finally under control. Heat treatment kills not only the adult bed bugs you can see, but the ones which are hiding in cracks and crevices and the eggs that are waiting to hatch later, making you think you have brought new bugs in when they are only the product of the old infestation.

Being in prison–even in Hawaii–is bad enough. We would hate to add the discomfort and anxiety of bed bugs and hope that the prison administrators get this infestation under control and soon.