While we are waiting for photos from the Dinner With Friends, we are still talking about this weekend’s rain in Southern California. I hear you–it’s only rain! But this was the biggest storm in 3 years, so it’s possible we all forgot what it was like.

There were moments that reminded us rather surreally of “Sharknado!”

Luckily, there were no sharks falling from the sky or swimming in our foyer. But we did hear about quite a few roof leaks and some water damage in homes and public buildings this weekend when the amount of rain overwhelmed drainage capabilities or revealed leaks that had not been evident during the recent drought.

After any rainstorm, big or small, be sure to take care of any water damage which might have occurred. It can take as little as 24-48 hours for mold to take hold and once it starts, it is much harder to get rid of. And be sure to repair any leaks before next time. There will always be a next time. If you discover mold in your home, contact Alliance Environmental Group before it gets any worse.

We may have missed most of our “rainy season” this year, but the weather has been more unpredictable, even here in SoCal where we can have weeks of sunny and clear in a row. There’s no precipitation in our extended forecast right now, so take this opportunity to prevent the mold that comes with water damage today!