Health Department officials in Indiana recently decided to do some drop-in inspections but they found more than they expected–more bed bugs!

Most of the hotels in this story are inexpensive, small places, but bed bugs can infest even the most expensive 5-star hotels as well. Bed bugs don’t discriminate!

How can you avoid encountering a bed bug when you stay in a hotel?

Don’t put your luggage down on the carpeting until after you have inspected the room, Leave it in the hallway or put it in the bathroom.

Check the mattress, head and footboard and upholstered furniture for any sign. Also behind pictures on the walls and in the drawers of the furniture.

If you find signs of bed bugs and ask for another room, make sure it is not a room adjacent, directly above or directly below the infested room.

Always–always–inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs!

And have a great weekend!