This week we will be discussing several topics on asbestos for the Global Asbestos Awareness Week. If you visit our friends at the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization you will be able to find different topics that the organization is discussing that are very important for everyone and the consumer to understand. While keeping this in mind, I was reading a discussion on Linked-in that talked about how can we help everyone be aware of the danger of asbestos.

There is an abundance of information on asbestos, however there is also inaccurate information on the dangers of asbestos. Not only do we have to educate the general public but also those who are working within the industry. Teaching employees the correct way to remove asbestos and the proper procedures that one has to take when dealing with the removal of asbestos. One person on the Linked-in discussion made a great point about this matter. Do It Yourself television shows are very popular and we hear the term asbestos in these shows but we might see a small glimpse of when they remove it, and sometimes they show improper removal techniques. Being exposed to asbestos in any given event can lead to serious illness that may not come up until years pass or even decades down the road.With that being said, the United States still has not banned asbestos.The advantage is that we have events like Global Asbestos Awareness Week that gives up vital information on the dangers of asbestos. It is important to seek professional assistance if there is asbestos in your environment. Alliance Environmental is a licensed asbestos removal company with extensive experience in properly containing the asbestos, complete decontamination of the site, and lawful disposal of the contaminated materials.

*How do you think we can inform the general public of the dangers of asbestos?